Solo Travel for Women – Embrace the Challenge

Solo Travel for Women – Embrace the Challenge

Solo Travel for Women
Embrace the Adventure

When I embarked on the journey to start my company I sat for many days thinking about what it was that I wanted to achieve. Apart from making the decision to pursue my passion and ultimately be happy, I needed to know who I wanted to share this passion with the most. This is where Ladies in Nature was born.

As a single women wanting to explore places, I realised how tough it can be to break out of that rut of needing someone to travel with. I wanted to create a product where ladies from near and far could come together in a safe environment and meet like-minded people who share our passion and want to explore South Africa.

It’s not an easy decision to make to get in your car or board that plane and venture off into places unknown. Having people around that know where to go and what to do certainly does help, but the power you get from figuring it out on your own is priceless. I have been on a few adventures in South African on my own now and I almost want to say I prefer venturing out on my own. However, it is always nice to share the experiences with others. Enter Ladies in Nature – Solo Travel for Women.

These weekend getaways are designed for you to travel to destinations around the Western Cape, and eventually around South Africa on your own, but with a little bit of sharing. Each adventure is different. Different venue. Different scenery. Different activities.

I strive to include a number of fun activities, some will push you out your comfort zone a little and some are there so you can escape reality and pamper yourself a little. Each one though is an experience that I want you to remember and reminisce about for years to come.

What is this Karoo Adventure all about?

Ok so let me share some details about our upcoming Ladies in Nature Karoo February 2022. Nestled against the northern slopes of the mighty Swartberg Mountains, is a reserve that covers more than 10 300 hectares with no internal fencing. Groot Sleutelfontein Private Game Reserve provides the ideal destination for a malaria free safari weekend. Your getaway adventure will start with a beautiful drive through Meiringspoort from Oudtshoorn. Do yourself a favour and make sure you have enough time to stop at the picnic spots in the poort and take in the absolutely magnificent Swartberg Mountain.

Karoo Adventure
Groot Sleutelfontein – Your Karoo Getaway

From the minute you arrive ladies, you will feel at home and ready to be spoilt. Each room has 2 double beds so even if you are sharing with another wonderful solo traveller you still get an entire bed to yourself. Once you have settled in you can explore the lodge. With a beautiful swimming that overlooks the reserve you had better make sure to pack your swimming costume.

Because we want to make sure you are spoilt to the full extend all meals are included and you do not have to lift a finger. We have ensured that you are treated to a great breakfast, lunch, dinner and if you get a little peckish through the day, there will be snacks through the day too. What more can you hope for?

There are a number of activities that included in your stay. Journey through the stars with a star gazing experience that only the Karoo can offer. View some planets, stars, nebulas and clusters through a telescope. You will be in awe of what is out there.

Explore the reserve on foot and by 4×4. A game drive and nature walk are just what the soul needs to reenergise. The experienced guides will introduce you to the big and small residents of this reserve. Look out for buffalo, roan, mountain zebra, wildebeest, aardvark and hyena. Don’t forget the tortoises, lizards, snakes and of course the scorpions. Armed with UV lights, scorpions will glow in the dark so bring your sense of adventure for a unique night time excursion.

Nature by Night Adventure

Often misunderstood, these creature are some of the most fascinating little guys around. Besides glowing under a UV light, they should be awarded the ‘Mother of the Year’ award. Carrying their large number of babies on their backs for the first few weeks of their lives, until they are big enough to venture on their own.

If you have a fear of these guys, don’t worry. We do not interact with them at all. We find them, observe them and appreciate their amazing ways in their natural environment. Remember no creature wants to interact with a human if they can help it. They will much rather flee from you than attack you.

What would a weekend getaway be without a spa treatment or 2. Add a spa treatment package (Leg and Feet Massage Back, Shoulder and Next Massage and Indian Head Massage) to your weekend to make it the ultimate spoil.

To get all the details and to book your spot on this amazing weekend visit Ladies in Nature – Karoo February 2022

If this experience is not for you, keep an eye on our website for our upcoming adventures next year. There will be beach glamping, mountain camping and safari luxury. So pick your adventure and embrace it!