Your Night Time Scorpion Adventure

Nature by Night Scorpion Excursion – It’s spooky, but it’s fun!

Night Time Scorpion Adventure
Creatures of the forest at night

When people ask me what we do at A 2 Zebra Adventures I reply “Nature Walks with a Twist”. This always gets the same reaction. “That sounds interesting. What kind of twists?” Being passionate about nature and wildlife I usually get a little a twinkle in my eye and then I mention night time scorpion adventures. Although this is by far not the only thing I offer, it is one that is close to my heart. Scorpions are so misunderstood and when you get to observe them in their natural environment, you will start to feel different about them.

Warm, dark evenings are the best time to take on this adventure so I only offer this in the summer months from about mid October to end of March. Armed with a black or UV light we venture out into the Knysna forest. The most prominent species that we encounter in the forest is the Cape Creeper (Opisthacanthus capensis). Flaunting its large pinchers and thin tail, we can follow the general rule around venomous scorpions, these are harmless. Although if they sting you it will still hurt so I insist that my guests wear closed shoes for this excursion.

I think what makes this adventure so exciting is the dead quiet of the forest. All you hear if you switch off the lights and just listen is nothing. Perhaps an owl if you lucky. It’s eerie but exhilarating!

Scorpions are extremely sensitive to sound and vibration so when searching for them you need to step softly and quietly. I always have a good giggle to myself because as human nature is, my guests and I end up creeping through the forest and whispering to each other.

It doesn’t take long for the excitement of the search to turn this into an adventure you won’t forget. I have had guests tell me that this was the highlight of their trip to South Africa. Another said “This was a first for me and I LOVED it.”

When I explain to people what our Nature by Night Scorpion excursion is about, many people respond with fear and phobias. My advise to them is try it once. You do not interact with them at all. They go about their busy of hunting or laying in ambush and we get to have a nice close look at their features or behaviour. You will be hooked afterwards!

So now that I have convinced you to try this amazing adventure, what now?

I have partnered up with a lodge in Karatara, Teniqua Treetops situated in the Knysna forest where we have exclusive access to the forest at night to embark on this exploration. Spoil yourself and your family and book yourself into one of their self-catering treetop chalets for a real forest adventure. It truly will be one of the best experiences you will have. Not only can you enjoy this unique adventure but the Karatara River runs through the property so pack a picnic basket and your swimming costume and spend the day at the river enjoying the quiet, the resident birds and maybe if you lucky a buck or two will show themselves.

You will love it. The kids will love it. Come what are you waiting for?

For more details and to book your forest adventure visit our Nature by Night webpage. I will be happy to assist you with booking your accommodation at Teniqua Treetops as well.